SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review

SizeGenetics is one of the most popular penis extenders in the world. Rest assured – this penis extender really works.

We got in touch with many men who have used extenders in the past, and the biggest portion of them have had success with SizeGenetics!

Here are few features of this product that we especially liked:

  • Unique padded rubber strap – much better than the standard silicone “noose” strap. SizeGenetics rubber strap will enable you to wear this device for as long as you want, without any negative effects or risks to your health.
  • Access to PenisHealth exercise program – You will get the fastest results if you combine extender with a good penis exercise program. Manufacturers of SizeGenetics know that and that’s why with every SizeGenetics purchase you will get free PenisHealth DVD with highly targeted penis exercises. This way your gains will be much faster.
  • Appeared in media – This extender got a lot of media attention. Particularly it appeared in GQ Men’s Magazine and also appeared on Jonathan Ross TV Show. Unlike many products who pay to appear in media, Sizegenetics people didn’t pay for these reviews… Another good sign of credibility.
  • Lots of free bonuses – We were very surprised by all the free bonuses that we got in one neat package. We soon realized that this was not just an extender; rather it was a complete penis enlargement system which also included better lovemaking guide, free case for the enlargement on the road, penis exercise DVDs, free shipping etc…
  • 6 months money back guarantee – As we said, this is a clear indicator that makers are very confident in their product. By offering you a full 6 months money back guarantee, you are making a totally risk free investment, not just for your health but for your wallet as well.

1. Effectiveness – Men achieved great results from using Size Genetics that’s why size genetics ratings in this area are high. According to testimonials, using SizeGenetics can add as much as 3 inches to your penis.

2. Comfort – When it comes to comfort, SizeGenetics tops other extenders with its padded rubber strap that perfectly fits the shape of the penis. Unlike other extenders that may cause discomfort after hours of use, SizeGenetics offers men the comfort to enable them to wear SizeGenetics for long durations.

3. Customer Support – SizeGenetics has received an excellent size genetics extender rating in this area because of the amiable people handling the product’s customer support. According to testimonials, you can expect to have a good experience in Size Genetics’ call center because they can give you helpful answers to your queries.

Safe, effective, and comfortable – these are the things you can expect from using SizeGenetics.

With all the qualities that SizeGenetics can give you, what more can you ask for from a penis extender?

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