Sildenafil and your age

For quite a long time erectile dysfunction has been regarded as an age-related health condition. This belief was widely shared mostly due to the fact that the signs of erectile dysfunction are more common in middle-age and older men, with about 50% of all men aged 50 and above experiencing at least periodic problems with erection. And as with all age-related conditions it was believed that erectile dysfunction is untreatable. That was before Sildenafil was created. But when the wonderful drug has hit the market and became one of the biggest success stories in the drug industry, people started questioning the actual nature of erectile dysfunction and its relation to age. It turned out that this problem has nothing to do with age and Sildenafil may be used by both young and old men.

Thanks to the numerous research programs aimed at defining the real nature of erectile dysfunction we now know that this health problem is primarily related to health in general and cardiovascular problems in particular. Erectile dysfunction can stem from a wide range of health conditions such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, alcoholism and many others. While they are quite different in nature, all of these conditions share a common trait – they deteriorate blood vessels and impede proper blood circulation, which reduces the quality of erections the patient can experience. And this can happen at any age depending on how the underlying condition develops. Naturally, older men are more prone to experiencing ED simply because they have more health problems that tend to develop with age. But this doesn’t make younger males immune to erectile dysfunction.

In fact, younger men are at the same risk of having erectile dysfunction if they develop serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases or alcoholism and don’t take any measures to overcome them. Moreover, several studies have indicated that young men are more likely to experience psychologically-induced erectile dysfunction due to the more common psychological complications they tend to experience. Stress, anxiety performance, high amounts of alcohol or the use of recreational drugs are rather widespread among teens and young adults, so it’s nothing strange to see some of them using Sildenafil as a means to neglect the effects of their stressful lifestyle. There’s nothing really bad about it unless the drug is used for recreational purposes only, which has no practical sense if the person using it doesn’t have any erectile issues.

On the other side of the age spectrum, senior males tend to use Sildenafil on more occasions mainly due to their age-related health problems. Heart diseases and cardiovascular issues are rather common in men aged over 60, so there’s nothing surprising about the fact that the majority of older men tend to use various ED pills in order to be sexually active. In terms of safety, there are no particular contraindications to using Sildenafil by anyone who’s older than 60. However, it’s very important to see if there are any possible drug interactions with other medications that the person may be prescribed with for any health problem. Moreover, there are many older men that are restricted from having sex altogether because of their heart-related problems. In such cases using Sildenafil is prohibited simply because the person shouldn’t get engaged in sexual activity in the first place, let alone taking pills that stimulate blood flow to the penis. Other than that, there are no particular restrictions on using Sildenafil related to age.

Taking Sildenafil the right way

As with most prescription drugs, the effectiveness of Sildenafil largely depend on how you are using the drug. However, unlike most prescription medications it’s not that hard to learn how Sildenafil should be taken since it doesn’t required a hefty instructions manual to be mastered before you can actually use it. It is actually a very simple drug to take, which makes it very convenient and loved by most of its users. Still, there are certain nuances that you have to keep in mind when using Sildenafil if you want to reap all its benefits and get the most out of this excellent ED medication.

The first thing you should do to use Sildenafil correctly is go to your doctor. Yes, it’s possible to get Sildenafil without a prescription these days since online pharmacies often do not require the prescription label when selling the drug. However, you are going to the doctor not only for the prescription but first of all to get proper recommendations on taking the drug. Only a professional healthcare provider can determine the correct dosage of the drug according to your current health condition and provide recommendations concerning drug interactions. If you want to use Sildenafil safely without worrying about side effects, visiting your doctor is a must!

When you get the prescription and order the drug, it gets all very simple, since Sildenafil should be taken only when needed. That’s right, you don’t have to take it every day around the same time, prior or after a meal. Just take the pill of the prescribed dosage before having sex and that’s all! Well, almost, since you have to time your intake appropriately. Sildenafil usually takes about 30 minutes to start working, so make sure to take it a bit in advance, otherwise you’ll have to really extend that foreplay. The drug’s effects last for about 4-5 hours, so it’s more than enough to enjoy whatever you’re looking forward to enjoying with your partner. Take note, however, that Sildenafil has to be taken only once daily, so no second intakes within 24 hours.

The drug can be taken before, during or after a meal. Some men prefer taking it with food, since Sildenafil may cause a slight discomfort in the stomach when there’s no food in it, especially in patients with gastrointestinal conditions. On the other hand, eating too much, especially if it’s very fat food, is highly discouraged because it will postpone the onset of the drug’s effects and decrease its overall concentration in the bloodstream. So keep it simple and moderate if you want to get the most out of Sildenafil.

As for alcohol intake, there are arguments both pro and against the mix of drinking and Sildenafil use. On the one hand, some studies suggest that alcohol doesn’t interact with Sildenafil and doesn’t alter its effects. On the other hand, alcohol is generally known as not the best choice for having a good erection, since it affects the blood pressure. Yet again, we’re speaking about moderate amounts of alcohol, since drinking heavily will definitely render you unable to get a proper erection even with the help of Sildenafil. So the choice is up to you.

Sildenafil for women

Millions of men are happy to have Sildenafil at their disposal, since it’s the only way for them to enjoy an active sex life. There are many ways in which erectile dysfunction can become a major problem for a man’s health, but there are only a few solutions as effective as Sildenafil when it comes to restoring sexual abilities. This drug has been a true blessing for countless men all over the globe in their quest to get back on track in terms of sexual performance. But at the same time there are also many women who suffer from various sexual dysfunctions and might need something similar to Sildenafil in terms of effects. This brings us to the question whether it’s possible to use the same drug for treating sexual issues in women just as it is used in men.

There have been numerous studies on the effects Sildenafil may deliver to female users. Since there are millions of women who are diagnosed with various types of sexual dysfunction this would prove to be a true success. But unfortunately all attempts to treat these dysfunctions with Sildenafil and other erectile dysfunction medications have proven to be fruitless. It was rather strange, however, since the drugs have actually delivered certain effects. However, the problem was that they didn’t do much to improve the overall condition of the women taking them. It shouldn’t come as surprise though, as researchers state, because the mechanisms of sexual excitement, performance and pleasure are rather different in men and women.

We all know how penis pills works – it stimulates the blood flow in the penile region, making more blood to flow into the penis when an erection is formed, thus making it more stable and harder. For men this is usually more than enough to overcome their sexual problems, since in most cases we’re talking about erectile dysfunction. Being able to get and stay hard enough to enjoy penetrative sex is all a man needs in terms of sexual performance. But when it comes to female sexual dysfunctions things get more complicated.

Sure, there may also be the problem of blood flow in the genitals but this is usually quite rare. The thing is that female genital organs aren’t as dependent on proper blood flow as the male genitals, since there’s nothing to get really hard as in the case of men. Female sexual problems can usually be characterized by the inability to get sexually aroused, experience pleasure from having sex or achieve orgasms. And such issues are more complex than simple blood circulation problems. In most cases there’s a combination of both psychological and physiological factors, which are individual for each and every patient. In this perspective, using Sildenafil doesn’t do anything more than just make more blood to flow to the clitoris and vagina at a much smaller scale than it happens with male users. But it certainly doesn’t affect the sexual arousal of the user or change their physiology in a way that would make an orgasm possible. In other words, Sildenafil only addresses the hardware problem, which very common in men, but it doesn’t do anything to the mix of software and hardware issues, which characterize most of female sexual dysfunctions.

This is certainly quite upsetting for all the women out there who were hoping for better sex with the help of Sildenafil. But there’ certainly no reason to get despaired about it, since there are other ways to address sexual issues. In many cases seeking professional psychological assistance can be a very effective solution to a large number of female sexual dysfunction. And even by applying such simple methods as regular exercising, relaxation techniques, yoga and herbal solutions it is quite possible to overcome different sexual issues as effectively as Sildenafil works for men. So don’t hesitate and explore the wide range of options available to you.

Sildenafil and your diet

It’s hard to argue the fact that Sildenafil is a really effective solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction. It has become one of the most commercially successful drugs of the last decade mainly due to its ability to treat erectile dysfunction in most cases. Millions of men use this drug on a regular basis and can’t imagine having sex without it. But it rarely crosses their mind that Sildenafil is not the only possible solution to the problem. Sure, taking the pill will drastically improve the quality of your erections, but there are different ways to achieve similar results. One of such alternative routes that delivers a wide range of benefits and can also be successfully combined with the use of Sildenafil is a proper diet. So let’s see how the way you eat affects your erectile function and what kind of diet you need to follow.

Sure, it sounds rather strange that your dietary preferences have anything to do with erectile function. Yet, the connection runs very deep and it can take many years until you actually realize it, but it will be too late. The main idea is that dietary preferences play a very important role in the development of a wide range of health conditions, including, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, high cholesterol and even certain types of cancer. And if you did your homework on ED you know that these conditions are closely related to erectile dysfunction, often serving as the main factor for its development. Naturally, employing a diet that would lower the likelihood of the aforementioned conditions will also help to prevent erectile dysfunction. And the earlier you do so the better.

You have heard a million times about the types of food that can trigger erectile dysfunction over the years. Commonly referred to as “junk food”, this particular type of food comprises a wide range of products that either carry a large amount of preservatives, sugar, sodium, saturated fats, caffeine and other potent compounds or are prepared using particular techniques such as deep frying. Everything that can be grabbed for a fast snack or eaten in front of the TV such as chips, donuts, sodas, fries, sweets, TV dinners and other similar things aren’t very good for your body.

In fact they are so potentially hazardous that a diet primarily based on such types of food will effectively reduce your life expectancy by a decade if not more. And Sildenafil will be the least of your concerns when such a diet will finally backfire over the years. But what can you do about it?

The simplest way to prevent a large number of ED-related conditions is to follow a healthy and balanced regimen. Any professional dietologist and nutrition expert will say that a balanced diet based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, fish, red meat and poultry is the key to longevity and will help to prevent a very wide range of conditions. The way you prepare these products is also very important, since you can easily turn a low fat piece of poultry into a product packed with saturated fats by simply deep frying it.

That’s why boiling, grilling, roasting or eating raw products (if possible) is what you need to stick to, if you want to keep your food healthy. A balanced diet will help you to look and feel better, which is sometimes more than enough to get rid of ED and forget about Sildenafil. But even if you continue to use the drug, a healthy diet will serve as a very good aid for making the drug even more effective. Isn’t it worth to try?

Sildenafil and healthy diet

It’s great that we have Sildenafil for taking care of the “special” problems when they occur. Only 15 year ago this was a miracle but now it’s a common thing like aspirin. There are millions of men who use Sildenafil occasionally all over the globe and they don’t even need a prescription now since there are so many online stores to order the drug from. But having an effective drug isn’t a complete solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction since it’s just an aid for having better erections. What’s really important is knowing why exactly the problem had occurred at all and what can be done about it.

In most cases erectile dysfunction is associated with specific health conditions that cannot be called uncommon: hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, cancer hormonal imbalance and many others. All these conditions are known to seriously deteriorate blood vessels that carry blood to the penile shaft when an erection is form, thus making erections weaker and less durable. But what’s most important about these health problems is that their probability can be significantly reduced through simple dietary choices.

That’s right, you can eliminate and prevent erectile dysfunction through diet. But it will be a rather lengthy and rigorous process that will require you to change your lifestyle for the better. The problem is that the regimen of most men, especially in western countries is dominated by foods that contain a lot of saturated fats, preservatives, sugar, salt and other chemical compounds that have been linked to the risk of developing most of the aforementioned conditions.

In other words, junk, fast and processed food is bad for your health. It’s bad to the point where you will be more likely to need Sildenafil at an earlier stage of your life than a person who follows a healthy and balanced diet. Which leads us to the healthy choices you have to make in terms of what you eat.

A balanced and healthy diet is primarily based on products such as red meat, fish, poultry, wheat, nuts, vegetables and fruits, preferable in even proportions.

The method of preparation for these products is also very important, since deep frying in oil can make even the most harmless vegetable into a nightmare for your blood vessels. Try stick to boiling and baking your products if it’s impossible to eat them raw, and you can also use the barbeque for your meat and vegetables to keep most of the beneficial chemicals in them. And mind your portions, since overeating even healthy products can be harmful for your health.

Adopting such a diet can be challenging for many people, especially if they have excessive weight problems. But keep in mind that it’s the best way to prevent most of the health conditions that may lead to erectile dysfunction and the use of Sildenafil.

So if it’s a very tough challenge, try seeking help of a diet professional or enroll into a weight-loss program to make things go smoothly and effectively. There are more positive effects to eating healthy than just preventing ED, and you will certainly notice them once you make this diet a part of your everyday life.

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