Best Penis Pumps in 2019

best penis pumps

What Are Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are actually the devices powered by vacuum force which became the invention targeted on the erection improvement and the manhood size enlargement. These devices are used by the men who need to tackle one or both of these problems.

The pump is made of 2 major structural parts such as pump and cylinder aimed at creating vacuum that stimulates penis growth and erection occurrence. Also, there can be a constriction ring or constriction band in the device kit.

Though penis pumps appeared on the market relatively recently, they have already won popularity and loyalty among the men who are not afraid to experiment and try new solutions to old issues. Since a large number of men have already appreciated the effects and benefits of these devices and left positive feedback, the popularity of pumps is only gaining pace.

What Is the Mechanism of Action?

Penis pumps can work due to the possibility of vacuum generation inside the device cylinder.
Cylinder is constructed in a way that enables the creation and maintenance of the negative pressure inside the device. Such pressure is required for pulling the manhood outwards. Since vacuum produces a strong force, the increased amount of blood is encouraged to rush into the penis.

It means that the higher blood amount that noticeably exceeds the blood amount typically supplied into the manhood is enough to provide both penis size increase and ability to attain an erection.

The constriction band or ring available in the penis pumps is applied to make sure that the pump tightly adjoins the manhood and doesn’t slip off. Also, this structural part is responsible for the enhancement of the vacuum effects.

It means that the sucking action provided by the device is a backbone of its mechanism of action that ensures great efficacy and high level of satisfaction.

Types of Penis Pumps

The rapidly developing industry makes the manufacturers of penis pumps search for the new ways to improve their devices and offer their customers more opportunities to uninterruptedly enjoy their sex life.
But regardless of all innovations in the construction and design, there are the following major types of the pumps for manhood:

  • Air-based pumps: This kind of pumps is in fact a predecessor of all devices intended for the penis pumping which now exist on the market. The construction of these devices implies that there is just air inside the cylinder. By sucking out the air of the cylinder, you subject your manhood to the vacuum force. The simplicity of air-based pump action has not only advantages, but also some crucial disadvantages. Since it’s not easy to keep control over the vacuum force inside the device, this force may even harm your penis. Thus, the development of blisters and the injuries of penile blood vessels are possible.
  • Water-based pumps: The invention of hydro pumps 10 years ago became a revolutionary event in their realm. When these penis pumps were put on sale, they started to quickly replace air-based devices because the efficacy and safety of these hydro devices went far beyond the boldest expectations. These highly advanced devices don’t imply the application of vacuum to urge more blood to fill the manhood.

    To the contrary, water substituted air. The water generates pressure required for the adequate delivery of blood to the penis. Moreover, such devices ensure the uniformity of pressure as opposed to air-based devices which frequently create air pockets. But the greatest advantage of water-based devices is of course their tender action that brings the risk of injuries almost to the naught.

As for the type of operation, it’s also possible to distinguish 2 types of penis pumps:

  • Manual pumps: This type of pumps was the very first one launched to the market. And nowadays, these devices are the most widespread among the users since such pumps cause no difficulties in operation and feature an optimal safety level. Though since the time of invention there were almost no amendments in design of such devices, the quality of materials used for manufacturing the pumps grew substantially. These devices don’t cost too much. You don’t need to purchase batteries to start a pumping session. This option suits the requirements of the beginners most of all.
  • Battery powered pumps. As the name suggests, you have to insert the batteries into the device in order to use it. Since the batteries are available, you shouldn’t spend too much time by generating vacuum. It means that you can cut the time which you need to reach your goals.

    However, the disappointing drawback of this type of pumps is the exertion of excessive pressure to the manhood which is fraught with penile tissue damage. Such penis pumps are a godsend for the aging men and the men suffering from musculoskeletal medical conditions and problems with coordination.

Selection of Penis Pumps

When choosing an appropriate device for supporting an erection and/or enlarging the erect manhood measurements, it’s difficult not to get lost in a variety of the penis pumps.

But if you want to make the right choice of such a device, you should first of all make sure that the pump cylinder excellently fits your manhood measurements. Either you select a too big or too small pump, in both cases it will not help you get penile size and firmness you want. In particular, if the cylinder is too large, the manhood skin squishing occurs.

But if the cylinder size is too small, the penis circumference will not enlarge as a result of pumping.

In addition, it’s recommended to purchase the device which is equipped with a pressure relief valve. The availability of this structural element in the penis pumps gives the men an opportunity to apply as much pressure to the manhood as you think is necessary. The valve enables the user to slightly move the hand in order to keep the pressure under control. The proper pressure management will allow you to prevent penile damage.

And regardless of the device you select, it’s crucial to carefully clean it before you firstly put it onto your penis.