Best Penis Extenders in 2020

best penis extenders

Do penis extenders work?

That’s one question that a lot of guys try to answer every day. I mean it’s totally understandable – penis extenders usually cost from $200-$300 and more, therefore you want to make sure that they really work before you take out your credit card and decide to buy one.

After going through all kinds of penis enlargement products today, we realized that penis extenders indeed do work. Not just that, but they are actually the safest penis enlargement method as well!

And how do we know that?

Penis extenders are based on a mechanism that has been used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years.

As you know, penis extenders use principle of traction in order to help you add inches to your penis. This method is not something new; it has been used for centuries by ancient tribes to enlarge different parts of human body. For example, members of Paduang women tribe have used this method to successfully enlarge their necks. Also there are many examples in history where ancient people have used traction to enlarge their earlobes and lips. So, you can see that principle of traction is 100% safe and what’s more important – it works.

Penis extenders are scientifically proven.

Every well known extender that we have seen has a great medical backing behind it. A lot of doctors have put hours and hours of research so that a certain penis extender could be medically approved. And this is not just a saying; a lot of these penis extenders have published research studies on their websites, so that you can actually see the medical evidence behind it.

Thousands of men around the world had positive results with penis extenders.

This is another good reason which tells you that these products really work. I mean, what better proof do you want than thousands of satisfied customers around the world? Usually, on the website of an extender you can find a section dedicated to customer testimonials where you can actually see their gains. And we’re talking about photos and videos, nut just written words.

They usually come with big money back guarantees.

All penis extenders that really work come with a long money back guarantee. These companies are so confident in the effectiveness of their products that they will offer you for example a 6 months money back guarantee – that’s a clear indicator that their product works, otherwise they wouldn’t be giving you such a long money back guarantee!

SizeGenetics – Best Penis Extender

If you’re looking for a penis extender that can give you the ultimate penis enlargement package, you should try SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics is a penis extender that not only gives you a safe, effective, and comfortable way of increasing the size of your penis, but it also provides you with excellent customer support.

With all the things that SizeGenetics has to offer, it’s no wonder why the device is the leader in the penis extender line.

It provides great penis enlargement gains in a much more convenient way comparing to other similar counterparts on sale.

It is safely used in the bath or shower to change your manhood size, boost your bedroom confidence, and enhance mutual sexual pleasure.

This device is reasonably priced.

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2. Jes Extender

Jes Extender has been found to produce real results in real people who have used it. It adds inches to penis length, adds girth to the penis, reduces and removes penis curvatures.

Scientific study has been carried out with 18 patients between 23-47 years of age having normal erectile capacity and without any history of penile surgery.

This penis extender produced an overall increase of 2.5 cm in their penis length after 24 weeks of treatment.

Jes Extender comes in various prices to suit the needs and tastes of men.

There is the “Light standard” that comes for $239 and the “Platinum standard” that comes for $1399 with different versions of titanium, silver and gold that comes in between.

3. Male Edge

Do you want a stylish and elegant penis extender that works?

How about a price that is not as high as you think?

In the market full with all kind of penile extenders, Male Edge emerged as one of the distinctive and elegant stretcher from the rest. It’s slick design and the traveler pouch or bag really catching the eyes.

But, it is not about the style alone.

Never has the demand for male extenders been so great, with more men looking to increase the length and girth of their penis.

Male Edge is the pioneer in the penis enlargement industry, having developed the first-ever penis extender device, and now comes the next generation of penis enhancement – Male Edge.

4. X4 Labs Extender

X4 Labs has a vast assortment of penis enlargement devices for men of all shapes and sizes.

The typical penis enlargement device manufacturer offers 2 to 3 different devices.

X4 Labs is most experienced in the business and offer a total of six different models.

And, what is even better is that for each model, there is a full size and mini edition.

5. Pro Extender System

Whether the reason you want to have a bigger penis is for your own satisfaction or for the satisfaction of you and your partner, you should try using Pro Extender.

What is Pro Extender?

Pro Extender is a device used to lengthen the penis. It works by attaching Pro Extender to the base and head of the penis to gently stretch it.

The device is developed using the principle that when the penis is slowly stretched, the cells in the penis multiplies to alleviate the tension put on the penis.

Penis extenders FAQs

I have visited innumerable websites that are dealing with penis extenders, as well as forums and other communities where these devices are discussed and debated over. And I have encountered a number of questions that men ask over and over again. I wanted to give my brief and objective answers to these questions and here they are in a neat little FAQ article on penis extenders.

Question #1: how safe are penis extenders?

Answer #1: They are completely safe, of course, provided that you buy one of the biggest brands and a brand of penis extender that has good reputation. If you do so, you should experience absolutely no side effects or even any discomfort while wearing your device.

Question #2: How long till I see results?

Answer #2: This varies from one man to another. It depends on how much you stick with the program and for how long you wear your penis extender every day. Also, there are naturally some men who will respond better to the program than others. However, you can expect the first noticeable and permanent results to present themselves about 6 months into your program. For better results, you will need to use your penis extenders longer.

Question #3: Can I use a penis extender to straighten my penis?

Answer #3: Absolutely yes. Andrologists and urologists are actually recommending penis extenders for this purpose as they seem to be the most efficient and also the safest way to deal with different curvatures of the penis. Of course, I would still urge you to talk to your doctor before you do so, just to be on the safe side.

What Is Penis Extender?

Penis extender is a specially designed device aimed at the manhood enlargement in a non-surgical way. The traction force lays the foundation for the proper extender action and guarantee of the member size increase. The male customers from around the world appreciate these penis extenders which feature a high level of efficacy and safety.
Exposition of the user’s penis to the traction force ensures a trouble-free cell division in the manhood. The extension duration should be no less than several hours on a daily basis. There should be no breaks between the extension sessions for getting the maximal results. This will lead to the manhood lengthening and thickening.
It’s now possible to find the extenders which are available on the market for about two decades already. This indicates the fact that the customers give credence to such a method of the penis enlargement. And the popularity of penis extenders is only gaining pace. That’s why the manufacturers of these devices tirelessly work on the renovation of their extenders to fully comply with the customers’ requirements.

What the Science Tells

Penis extenders are not the fashionable men’s toys which serve just for self-complacency. On the contrary, there is a clinical back for the devices’ use. A range of authoritative scientists claim that these devices are really effective. And these claims are not groundless.
The urologists who represented the University of Turin found out that the non-surgical extending devices are able to favorably change the penis measurements. According to the study findings, the top-notch penis extenders stretch and hence elongate the flaccid penis by 0.5-1.0 inch averagely. These gains became possible after 3 months of the uninterrupted extending sessions. These sessions lasted for several hours every day. The publication about these clinical trial results is available in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
The highly qualified medical experts sometimes advise the men to rely on the impressive potential of penis extenders to substitute surgical enlargement methods and complement pharmaceutical therapy.

Benefits of Penis Extenders

The penis extenders from the reliable manufacturers enjoy a wide popularity among the men because they offer a variety of benefits to the users. These benefits are as follows:

  • Scientific Proof: The men from different countries trust the extending devices because they are harmless and well-working. And the clinical trials backed with the trustworthy opinions of doctors and scientists have proven the efficacy of stretchers.
  • Surgery Replacement: It’s very easy to save yourself from pain and discomfort which always accompany surgeries for the manhood enlargement if you use the extender. Also, you can avoid many health risks if you replace surgical methods with such a device.
  • Permanent Gains: When you apply traction force to the penis, you trigger a safe mechanism of cell hyperplasia in the male member. Cell hyperplasia is actually a term meaning cell division. When the division occurs, the amount of penile cells grows. This results in the penis size increase in both length and circumference. These gains are permanent. They don’t disappear when you cease extending sessions.
  • Ease of Use: The manufacturers use the most innovative technologies for making their advanced penis extenders. They exert every effort to make these devices as good as only possible. That’s why nowadays the extenders guarantee the highest level of comfort. Only easy-to-use and very comfortable devices can ensure the best results of stretching.
  • Penis Curvature Treatment: A curved penis is always a delicate and very aggravating problem for any man. The manhood curvature disturbs the men substantially worsening the quality of sex life. However, the penis extenders from the well-established companies ease the symptoms and consequences of penis curvature. But if you want to achieve such results, you have to make sure that stretch the member on a regular basis. In addition, there is a range of the first-class stretchers which can aid in healing Peyronie’s Disease.

Which Results to Wait for

The men who decide extending their penises with the use of special stretchers frequently expect too much from these devices. Too high expectations hinder the penis enlargement process and make the men feel less motivation. The lack of motivation will play a low-down trick on you since you may stop stretching your penis regularly. In this case, the extending sessions may become helpless. And the frustration will only grow.
If you don’t want this to happen, but instead really aspire to meet your member enlargement objectives, don’t hurry up and don’t pose an erroneously high challenge. You have to realize that the use of penis extenders, even of the best quality, can’t ensure the effects which provide surgical manhood enlargement techniques. The immediacy of results is not about penis stretching.
Also, if you desire to really make your manhood become thicker and longer, you have to stretch the member with the help of the extender at least 2 times per day. You should repeat these actions every day no less than 6 months. It’s crucial to ensure that you dedicate several hours to manhood enlargement on a daily basis if you want to finally get the noticeable gains. The experts even recommend the men to practice the uninterrupted stretching for a year to experience the more impressive penile growth.
It’s obvious that the patience and devotion should guide you if you are serious about the penis stretching process. And you shouldn’t believe someone who tries to persuade you that several days are enough to make the penis grow.
However, it’s also very important to remember about own safety during the stretching sessions. Any, even the most outstanding results are not worth your health suffering. Overdoing during the manhood extending is fraught with serious penile injuries. That’s why you have to always strictly adhere to all user guidelines.

How to Safely Use Penis Extenders

If you want to effectively stretch your member with the use of penis extenders and at the same time save the health of your genitals, you should precisely follow the following usage instructions:

  • Place your manhood into the base part of your stretching device. Feel certain that the penis perfectly fits the extender dimensions.
  • Put the head of member into the device carrier with the help of your hands. Then fix it by using a silicone noose. You can also replace the noose with a comfort foam pad. In addition, it’s possible to choose the device sold along with an exclusive comfort system that makes the stretching session especially comfortable.
  • Place the cradle in a way so that the corona could show itself of it. It will mean that the extender keeps the manhood appropriately and that the manhood is not going to sneak away during stretching. You should avoid overdoing with fixation tightness.
  • Diversify the traction force by means of applying a set of traction control tools. You should pick intensity level so that you didn’t feel any discomfort. If you are a beginner and have never used penis extenders before, choose the lowest traction intensity and raise it very slowly and gradually.
  • Substitute the extension rod with an additional one if the rod primarily present in the device doesn’t fit your manhood dimensions. This will increase stretching comfort and efficacy.

How Does Penis Extender Work

The mechanism of penis extender action resembles the effects of weight lifting.

Thus, if someone regularly performs weight lifting exercises make the muscle cells duplicate. Due to this, the muscle size and blood-holding capacity increase. And the muscles finally enlarge.

The same happens with your penis during the consistent use of the penis extender.

It’s necessary to put the manhood into the penis stretching device. When properly adjusted, this device generates delicate and sustainable pulling force.

This force is applied to the penis along its whole length and has an impact on the cavernous bodies inside the penis.

The cavernous bodies are one of the most crucial parts of the manhood able to contain blood. They make an erection possible.

Penis extenders ensure the mild extension without any pain.

The extension of the penile cells is what helps these cells to split. This is how the new cells within the manhood emerge.

This means the cavernous bodies enlarge and become able to keep a substantially increased amount of blood inside the penis.

If the higher volume of blood rushes to the member, the man is able to attain and sustain larger and more rigid erections.

The more intense the stretching force created by the device, the better gains you will get within a short period of time. Penis extenders guarantees a powerful pulling force equal to 2,800 g.

This is up to 50% higher tension than the stretchers from the competitors provide.

Due to this, you can considerably decrease the time need for the application of the device and at the same time count on the maximum results.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

When you buy penis extenders, you can qualify for the 100% money-back guarantee if the device doesn’t bring you’re the desirable changes in your manhood measurements. To become eligible for the refund from the manufacturer of this stretcher, you have to use it for no less than 1,000 hours. The maximum period of the device use is nine months from the date of the penis extender purchase. One customer can apply for no more than one refund.

Will Penis extender Technologically Please Me?

The manufacturer of penis extenders exerted every effort in order to utilize the most recent technologies for the production of its devices. Due to this, the device features a 58 Ways Ultimate Comfort System that makes the stretching process extremely comfortable and effective. The stretcher is also manufactured with the application of the Multi Directional Angling Technology that enables the users to fix the penis in the extender in the most convenient position. Also, the device is available in 3 different packages so that the customers could choose the best option.


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